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In search of the human story

Carsten Graff is an author, philosopher and ghostwriter. He combines an insightful approach to life with a talent for spellbinding his audience. In the last couple of years, Graff has been helping a series of international organizations communicating their founders' life stories to a wider audience. Publishing a book on the life story of a founder, the story of a product or the philosophy of an organization is one of many ways to reach a large audience. In order to succeed in this, the narrative must be authentic, engaging and captivating. If your story reaches your audience in the right way and at the right time, it will create a bond between you and your readers; and they will be able to understand and relate to your mindset, values and vision for many years to come. Read more


Inside Pandora

Written and published by Carsten Graff

Dream Catcher

Written and published by Carsten Graff

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Conversations with an Oak Tree

An anti technology book by Carsten Graff